Member Rosters
Locate shipmates and their families, and those on Eternal Patrol
Association History
In early 1982, Joe Lunn and Hans Quade, knowing the boat had been aquired by South Carolina for display in Patriot Museum, decided it would be nice to have a reunion.... More......
Clamagore's History
Keel Laid down by Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT 16MAR44...More
Board and Committees
Get to know your Board and Committee members.
Chaplain's Corner
Fr. Aaron Peters' message to members.

Appointed Officers:

Chaplain: Rev. Aaron Peters, Noah Booty
Newsletter: Jim Griffin


Save The Clamagore Committee:

Jackie Heard

Scholarship Committee:

Hal Tatlow
Jackie Heard
Jim Griffin
Steve Croom
Ted Kubit

Elected Officers
Jim Griffin

Steve Croom

Ted Kubit
Hal Tatlow
Past Clamagore Veteran's Association Presidents:
Gordon Voegelein   1982 - 1986
Paul Oestad              1987 - 1988
George Bass              1989 - 1990
James Storms          1991 - 1992
Walt Simpson          1993 - 1994
Jim Schauer            1995 - 1996   
William Hine           1997 - 1998
David Dalke             1999 - 2000
George Bass              2001 - 2002
Robert Dewar           2003 - 2007
Dan Williams         2008 - Eternal Patrol
Robert Dewar           2009 - 2013
Jim Griffin           2014 - Present
CDR Sam C. Lommis, Jr.               6/45-6/46
CDR Edward F. Steffandies, Jr.  6/46-6/47
CDR Walter L Small                    6/47-6/49
CDR John F. Bauer                     6/49-6/50
CDR Thomas B. Denegre, Jr.      6/50-6/52
LCDR George F. Morin                  6/52-6/54
LCDR Joseph H Buescher             6/54-6/56
LCDR Jack F. Heard                    6/56-9/58
CDR Arthur K. Keevil                  9/58-8/60
LCDR Howard L. Matthews         8/60-7/63
LCDR Stanley B. Neander           7/63-6/65
CDR William J. Gunn                 6/65-6/67
LCDR Donald M. Ulmer               6/67-3/69
LCDR William G. Hine                3/69-2/71
CRD Peter B. Boyne                    2/71-6/73
CRD Bruce J. Schick                   6/73-1/75
CDR Tracy M. Kosoff                   1/75-6/75