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Gals and guys, I gave it my best shot, but the usual good mending luck must’ve taken a head break. On June 2, performed the newly minted ninety year-old rite of passage; fell and fractured my hip. Dr. screwed the break together and said all I had to do was wait for it to heal. Catscan after three months on a walker showed no healing whatsoever so got referred to a hip replacement surgeon. Got the new hardware 17 September, obviously ending hopes of making the reunion. Those of you who experienced hip fractures know the big time pain precludes jumping on planes for cross-country flights. Carol managed to fall from a ladder and fracture her left wrist a week after my spill. Fortunately, in a short while could to drive and bring me home from rehab. She’s remarkable! For the first few weeks home, I could barely take care of myself. Carol did it all.
Missing this reunion is disappointing, for now won’t get to hear everyone say how good I look inspite of the ninety milestone. Add to that Clamagore’s precarious circumstance and you know what goes through my mind each time I see her. Will it be the last? Most if not all of you know I had two Clamagoretours; 1949 as an ET3 and ’67 as CO. You also know CO #4 John Bauer sent me packing with the message I was not smart enough to make ET2 and he needed my bunk for someone else.
In early ’67, news I would return as CO exceeded my fondest hopes. At conclusion of two month’s Prospective Commanding Officers’ School, got the best advice I ever had, “Soon you’ll report to your ships. If you ever start to believe you’re good as the crew treats you, you’re in big trouble.” Well you guys fulfilled that prophecy for me! My days as occupant of Clamagore’s one-man stateroom could not have been better. And as believing I was that good, just had to recall it wasn’t all that long ago my field day cleaning station was the Forward Torpedo Room bilges.
So thanks to all of you for making my Clamagoretours and subsequent veterans’ rides happy ones. Have the best reunion ever. Carol and I hold you in great esteem. We are with you now in spirit, and will see you next year!

Best and thanks,



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