The Clamagore final voyage October 15, 2022

As the tugs started moving the Clamagore away, they sounded the Yorktown ships horn and played Anchors Away. This is a picture they got from a drone they had flying over.

Picture Credit:  Bob Crofton, Owner Crofton Industries, Portsmouth, VA, 10/17/2022

USS Clamagore towed by tug up the Elizabeth River to Colleen Marine to be scrapped. 


To those who wear the Dolphins!
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“The Parrotfish”
USS Clamagore SS-343

Taken from the July/August 2021issue of the Reader’ Digest.

The stuff on the shores can come from a variety of sources, including from the poop of parrotfish, which eat algae and dead coral and excrete hundreds of pounds of sand a year.  Sound gross?  Perhaps, but the sand that comes out of the parrotfish is what you’ll find on some of Hawaii’s most beautiful sand beaches.

Pandemic redirects funds for Clamagore

"The Silent Service" Explained

On my submarine, we did some of the stuff we did. We didn’t do the other stuff we did because if we did do it, it was a secret. So we didn’t do it. Even though we did, but not really.
The medals my shipmates and I didn’t earn for doing what we didn’t do, we did receive, except we didn’t, because we never went where we were and weren’t there when we were, but we did the stuff we didn’t do while we weren’t there not doing it.
As far as what boat I was on, we didn’t go where we went and didn’t do what we did while not doing it.
So, the bottom line, we weren’t on a boat that I won’t mention, not doing what we did, where we weren’t. .
I hope that clarifies things.

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USS Clamagore Memorializes Fallen Shipmates


The last Guppy III diesel submarine is now based with the Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown at The Patriots Point Naval and Marine Museum in Charleston, SC.

        The USS Clamagore Veterans Association meets in October for their annual reunion.  Since 9-11 they have included the Fire Service in their Memorial Service.  On the odd numbered years, the service is held onboard the Boat and the Mount Pleasant Fire Department has provided an Honor Guard for the service.  343 is the number of Firefighters lost on 9-11.  The patch is in Remembrance of the losses to both services.